Monday, June 15, 2015

Watching The Gold Cup

I positively love soccer. It's a very simple game.

I watched the Gold Cup the other day, and I truly loved the games in which small island nations like Trinidad and Tobago or Martinique competed against big countries such as Mexico and the United States. It is so amazing that in many ways it is a very egalitarian sport because a small country has the same chance of winning as a large country, at least in theory. Small countries like the Netherlands regularly win against big countries like Germany or France.

Anyhow, it's called the beautiful game. It's poetry in motion. It's simple and inexpensive to play. All you need is a ball.

Where has science gone?

Science is inquiry. It's always searching for the truth. Pure science is a quest for the as yet unknown. I suppose science has led us to where we are now, and science drove the information age. The discoveries that have followed science are undeniable.

Something has gone wrong in the last 50 years however, it seems. Science has left its pedestal and morphed into a creature of its own making. It' has gone astray, and it has become a lost entity. Looking for true science has become increasingly a matter of shaking the tree of knowledge to see if some science will fall out. The disappointing fact is the harder you shake the tree the more difficult it becomes to shake real science free. Where has it gone.

Don't get me wrong, there are scientist out there, and they are in a sincere quest to find a path that has not yet been explored. But it's driven by greed. Nowadays  science is exclusively used to make money, and that quest for money has put up a barrier to finding the face of real science. Pure science cannot be found when money drives its path.

There is a strong belief that what is know is clear and that there is no need to shake out the "known facts." The commonly known fact need to be examined and reexamined, even to the point that those facts are not facts any longer.

It is essential that scientists continue to shake that tree of knowledge and find where science has gone. Because if a scientist does not do it who will?

What's with the mercury?

There is no reason why mercury is ever in any products that are inserted or injected or accidentally administered to the human body. The government has agencies like the CDC that are supposed to act to keep us all safe. Mercury is an unsafe product and yet it appears in eye drops. It appears in dental amalgams and it appears in vaccine. Yes, it still appears in vaccines. Let's be clear about it, mercury is an insidiously toxic substance, and it destroys the ability to even remember that you have been exposed to it. Mercury has been toxic and will be toxic. It is a substance that avoids detection after ingestion. In short why is it still in use in medicines and other products used by humans.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Back to the Dark Ages

The advent of the internet and its ability to disseminate information has clearly been phenomenal. There is no question that our age should be called the information age and we are all happily participating by writing our comments into our favorite social medium. We feel so connected all of a sudden.

There is important news being spread around, and I wouldn't do without it. But let's face it what I have to say in Facebook is liked by maybe 8 people on the average. I guess what I have to say does not have much impact even though I try to sound intelligent.

What is more disturbing is the shocking lack of depth coming not from me but from the big newspapers. This is particularly true when it comes to scientific articles that are meant to inform on pharmaceuticals and their toxic nature. Here is an example: A new drug comes out and you read about how it will affect the stock market.  That's not irrelevant, but it is also not really telling the whole story.

The information we are given about the drug's effectiveness is more like what the village population would have received from the lord of the manor or the church in the middle ages. And everyone believed it. Red wine was good for you when you were sick. Wine was also really good for business and the monastery where it was grown. Mercury was considered a God-sent for many ailments. Every learned doctor would use it for all kinds of ailments. Even scientists were ignorant about the long-term effects of mercury on your body. Tyco Brahe essentially died of mercury poisoning because he didn't know how it affected the kidney.

In spite of many advancements in science mercury was still written up as a diuretic in the 1960s in spite of the fact that it was known in our "enlightened times" to cause kidney damage.

We all know about the middle ages. They were the dark ages, and people didn't know anything. But what is really shocking today is that mercury toxicity is still looked at as if we were in the dark ages.

Mercury is clearly toxic. You can read about it everywhere on the internet. But what it does is largely unknown by the majority of the population. The content of mercury in amalgam fillings is not questioned even though it causes injury to vital organs. The injection of an organic mercury compound is not questioned. The use of skin-whitening creams is not questioned. It's as though we had not learned anything in spite of all that information that abounds. It's still as if we have to listen to the lord of the manor who tells us there is nothing wrong with that everyday toxin.

Here is why: Mercury is insidious in its toxicity. It causes dementia as it accumulates, and once you are affected there is no return because it causes you to forget what you once knew. You sink into the dark ages. "Quem Mercurius perdere vult, dementat prius" as the German chemist Alfred Stock said in 1926. He knew what it did to him and he too had a very hard time convincing the world about what he knew.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Media Only Spout Convenient News

It occurred to me watching CNN that when they latch onto a subject they have a really hard time letting go. Once it's in their news it is being milked and milked until not one more drop will come from it. It happened with the Malaysian airliner. It happened with the Ukrainian air disaster. It happened with Ferguson. CNN sends all their reporters there, and then they keep the story running until it has become so old that one can cut it because it has become cheese. It's interesting how only those simple "airline falls from sky" and "police did another bad thing" stories get the 24/7 attention. But where is the media attention when a scientist admits to malfeasance having to do with vaccines and autism. The media are almost completely silent. The only thing "Time" reported was that the study that exposed this malfeasance was yanked because it was not good for the general public to know that maybe there was a reason to believe that vaccines could cause autism.

This story should have been a big story, and CNN should have exposed the whole business of how Andrew Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine, and his job and his country. But wait that couldn't be done. CNN can't spend a minute of its time on that because they already used it up by letting Anderson Cooper spout rudeness upon rudeness against a man who has more integrity than Anderson Cooper will ever have.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Unavoidably Unsafe?

I can't get the Supreme Court ruling out of my head that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. It's so strange, that vague term that something is unsafe, and it's even stranger that, a priori, everything vaccines stand for is unavoidably unsafe. I understand that a vaccine can cause illness because vaccines are supposed to give you a slight touch of something for which you are supposed to muster an immune response. That statement of a vaccine being unavoidably unsafe really only relates to that one factor. That's the only thing that's unavoidable. Vaccines were never meant to be unsafe in any other aspect.

The Supreme Court should have at least explained that factor because now with this really overly broad interpretation the whole process, all parts of a vaccine and even preservatives and antibiotics are included that really have no business being called unavoidably unsafe.

Let me put it this way, vaccines are unavoidably unsafe no matter what is put in them or whatever is left out of them. Since they are unsafe, they cannot be assailed. They are just so wonderfully unavoidably unsafe. How convenient for the drug manufacturers, and how careless of the Supreme Court to paint with such a broad brush.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Is it mental or is it toxic?

I have researched much about the effects of toxic substances and side effects of medicines. I have researched how vitamins work and what happens when the human body experiences deficiencies. In today's world of plastics and GMOs as well as pharmaceuticals and oral as well as injectable substances, one has to be really alert and think of how these things interact with one another.

It is known that certain medicines are supposed to relieve depression. Some are for mental purposes; some others are for physical wellbeing. If it weren't for all the research I have done, it would never have occurred to me to question the role psychiatry plays to confuse the issue. Here is my question? How can any psychiatrist be certain that the psychosis he diagnoses is really something mental rather than the physical effect of too little vitamin B1 or too much mercury or other toxic substance?

Vitamin B1 deficiency causes Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. It's hallmark is confabulation, i.e. this person makes up stuff. That is the same syndrome that also shows up in a chronic alcoholic. It's known that a person drinking alcohol habitually develops vitamin B1 deficiency. But does the good doctor also know that vitamin B1 deficiency can be caused by mercury poisoning? Most likely not. Here's how mercury effects your vitamin B1 level.

When a person is mercury toxic, the mercury denatures pretty much all substances that contain a sulfur component Vitamin B1 is Thiamine. The "Thi-" part signifies sulfur. Now there are a gazillion sulfur components in the human body and when there is a lot of mercury, it denatures those sulfur components. It loads them up with mercury. As long as mercury is hitching a ride, an otherwise beneficial enzyme or vitamin or food is floating around in the blood acting toxic and is unnaturally occupying the tasks of the liver and later the kidney. The toxic person will act strange mentally. because synapses are being destroyed.

The question of toxicity never comes up because as I said earlier already mercury seems to be exempt. To make a long story short, toxicity is ignored in favor of psychosis. But who can ever prove a doctor wrong?

Monday, April 28, 2014

The "Exempt Poison"

Mercury has been a subject of interest since pre-historic times. It's a funny material. Kids love it. When they get a hold of it, they roll it around in their itty-bitty hands and they find it so appealing. Yes, and it's a metal and a liquid at the same time.

It poisoned one of my childhood friends. My friend played with some that had shown up on the wood flooring after the fever thermometer broke. He had picked it up and put it on a hot plate in the kitchen where he watched it disappear into thin air. One moment it's a little silver bead, the next it's invisible. He inhaled that thin air and somehow my friend wasn't the same afterwards.

That's how it is with mercury. It's a metal that evaporates. It leaves toxicity behind that nobody really takes time to think about. Mercury is just too much fun. Even Freud made its toxicity into something new. If you check into that man's patients you'll find that they had all been in contact with mercury before they became psychos.

Reading stories about its toxicity disperse from the mind is like water rolling off a duck's back. It just so intriguing. My experience has been that people roll their eyes when I mention the word mercury in the context of illness. There she goes again. Can't she just for once stop talking about mercury. My next door neighbor said she used to have a little hand-held toy with mercury beads under glass. You can't buy that toy any longer. Some people declare it's a poison.

But judging by the general consensus, the poison is "exempt." Mercury is injected into infants with impunity. Vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe," not because of mercury. They are unsafe just because... They also don't use mercury in felt making any longer. They also don't use teething powder any more. Shshsh..., it caused acrodynia aka Pink Disease. They don't use Merthiolate any longer. Shshsh... It killed some newborn infants. Oh wait wasn't the name changed into Thimerosal the stuff they put in vaccines. But luckily Thimerosal is safe to inject. It's name change worked wonders.

Dentists with some notable exceptions still insert "silver fillings" into dental cavities, and they think it's inert material. For some reason I keep remembering what my chemistry teacher in my German high school said. He said that the leather hat band inside a felt hat was a protective barrier so that the skin on the forehead wouldn't absorb the mercury the felt contained. Of course that hasn't been true for a long time.

It's so strange that there are all these environmental poisons and mercury is not being taken seriously. So how can we doubt that mercury is safe when it is theoretically toxic and in practice treated like an unreal smoke and mirrors poison that we don't have to worry about. Oh, I forgot, it's mercury, it's nothing. It just goes up into thin air. You really might not want to eat the fish in San Francisco Bay. But it's so good for you. So what if it contains a little bit of - mercury.

Meanwhile we don't know where all the autism comes from and why a sad figure like Adam Lanza appears and the world is so disjointed. We don't test to see where the anger and the depression comes from and we don't even suspect that the one substance that can cause these acts might be mercury, the "exempt poison." Have we all lost our minds that much?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Can we be free?

He never talked. He never was free of us, his family, and he was never free to explore the world around him. He didn't gain that exhilaration of the soaring spirit. He was trapped in a body that had forgotten to open the front door for speech, and no matter how hard he tried, he never could escape his confinement.

He did learn to walk, and when he did he walked around the dining table and he laughed, and he laughed, and he laughed. So he had that experience that took him from a crawling creature on four legs to a boy on two and elevated him to the height of just under five feet. But he never went beyond that. He never dressed himself. He never was able to say what foods he liked. He couldn't choose his favorite colors. Alright, we know all that, and we lived watching the sadness in his eyes and the longing for more. He has lived that life. He is done with that, and he achieved as much as he could.

Mind you he watched our children's soccer games from the sidelines. He did not run into the field and disrupt the games. We carried on although one of the team's parents once said to me: "We could be friends if you didn't have that child." 

Now to us, us people who are left behind, and so many years later what is it with us? We his parent and the surrounding family are we free from this life that included for 40 years the constant thought and worry and fear of the unknown and at the same time the hope of redemption some day? Can we truly say we are now free from the patterns that shaped our lives until now? Erik didn't even live with us for the greater part of the 40 years. So we should have had solace in the fact that there was governmental assistance. That was indeed a savior to our sanity. But it didn't free us. We are still, right now, trapped in the patterns that we adopted 43 years ago. We still think: What if. We still mull over the omissions and choices that would have improved that life.

Now we should be free. But now we are older and weaker and less resolved. The freedom for us to soar is no longer part of our aspirations. We are now just sitting there on weekends and watch English Premier League soccer games.