Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How toxic is organic mercury?

Mercury is indeed really toxic. So why is it that there are so many scientists and particularly physicians who think that that little bit of Thimerosal you get with your vaccines is not going to do any harm.

The answer lies in how we perceive poison. We perceive poison as something that harms quickly. We are conditioned to think that any deadly toxins we ingest today will have left their toxic symptoms with us within no more than a day and if we haven't had a really ill effect, the poison must not be that toxic or maybe the substance isn't toxic at all. The just stated effect is the common effect of most poisons. Arsenic will kill us if we are given a lethal dose. Cyanide will do that. It's just "common knowledge" that toxins do their dirty work fast.

So if we expect to see a lethal effect with mercury we won't get it in a timeframe we would expect. Even a 100% lethal dose will not kill right away.

The reasons for that are many. But the main one is that mercury interferes with a living beings metabolism in such a way that it incapacitates the enzymes so they become non-functioning to such a degree that survival becomes less likely depending on the dose. And with organic mercury that can take many weeks.

This is not what a doctor expects of a poison. He injects a bit of mercury together with the vaccine. We won't connect the ill effects that happen six weeks later. But we might feel awful. Since the amount is small we will not die, but the effects are there. We go back to the same doctor.

Our doctor will tell us that we have the flu or whatever other symptoms resemble what we experience. But the man, not having been taught anything about toxins, will give us the wrong diagnosis. He will tell us that we should get our mercury-containing flu shot once a year, and we do that, and forever after we feel worse after having been given a flu shot without knowing what caused it.


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