Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mindset Under-Currents

I have noticed how people's mindsets don't keep up with current new information. It is most noticeable among those who think they are well educated, and who have practiced their profession for a while and thus think that their wisdom is gospel.

How else could it be that physicians who are supposed to heal their patients are so far behind in their current understanding of what vitamins do. The word vitamin indicates that the substance that is called a vitamin is essential for life. Now, almost a century after their discovery, the use of vitamins is almost poopooed as being the kind of thing that cannot hold a candle to more modern treatment options, and it is often forgotten that vitamin deficiency caused the condition that is being treated.

Take for instance a fast heartbeat. Example: My husband had a fast heartbeat, often 110 beats per minute at rest, for a very long time. Doctors didn't know what to make of it. After reading up on Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), I noticed that Vitamin B1 deficiency causes a fast heartbeat. My husband took Vitamin B1 supplents and the heartbeat turned to a normal 70 beats per minute. Another example is Vitamin D. How is it that, even though the measurement of Vitamin D has become very inexpensive, it is not being used that much for diagnostic purposes, especially by doctors who have been practicing for a long time?

The reason for this is a mindset of having studied and put in so much time and often money and energy that the mindset says: "I know it all. I am at this point as well educated as I can be, and I cannot believe that I might have missed something. I don't need to learn new things because there is a finite number of things to know in medicine."

This is a mindset that does not question, and it is a mindset that is easy.

Vitamins are vital to the human body. They should not be ignored, and their deficiency causes not only their particular deficiency disease. Their deficiency results in further untold problems that are too numerous to mention here. For instance Vitamin D is known to be involved in the production of glutatione in the human body. Glutathione deficiency is one of the reasons why toxins remain in the body. Glutathione helps get rid of heavy metal, especially mercury.

The mindset of being certain of knowing everything refuses to believe that extra Vitamin D is necessary. The mindset ignores the new discoveries that have been made about what Vitamin D does, and it makes it possible for mercury to accumulate.

The mindset has to be reset. I am using the above examples because that is what came to mind. It is a dangerous thing to refuse to learn new things. The mindset should always be examined, and when it is not reexamined all the time it will lose its flexibility. It will stagnate.

It's time to release the mind and let it roam free especially when the mind is so stuffed full of knowledge.


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