Friday, November 03, 2006

The heat in the bomb shelter and mercury

Town Musician

My first experience with the environment came at a very young age. I was only four years old. I was in a bomb shelter in Germany. A bomb had fallen next to the concrete building, and I remember the air around me getting hotter and hotter. At one point my mother told me that it was 57 degrees Celius. That is hot. The building had no windows. The air holes, which were evenly spaced throughout the overpopulated room, only allowed hot air to enter. There was no escaping that place. Guards kept people from entering or exiting. After eight hours of dehydration the doors were opened. Air never smelled so good after that. My mother told me that the people on the second-floor infirmary had all died. All the infirmary's equipment had melted. The thermometers had broken from the heat. The spilled mercury in the room had evaporated. My mother told me later that I stopped talking for a while after that experience. She said that my skin became rough as Esau's skin. I had the symptoms of mercury poisoning


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