Saturday, November 25, 2006

I haven't had time

Town Musician

My time was limited last week. The translation of the Kieler Amalgamgutachten certainly had something to do with it. But, no, that wasn't it. My husband and I had to drive to Santa Cruz again to visit our handicapped son at the hospital. It was another medical emergency. But now things are a little better, and we can breathe easier. Why is it that some people have all the bad luck piled onto them and others come away unscathed? Just as the Bremen Town-Musicians couldn't have predicted that they would wind up having to band together and go to the big city, some of us will have to at least figuratively band together to make the best of it. I have decided not to charge for my translation of the Amalgamgutachten. I find it vital in the pursuit of a very dangerous substance that might affect many people in the world. So I decided that it had to be brought out into the open. Reading the story of the Russian spy who just died from a very tiny amount of polonium should give people the idea that what I am talking about is at least possible with mercury. It is interesting that polonium attacks cells and jumbles their DNA, and then slowly kills them off. They are being rendered non-functional. That's in effect what mercury does, but not as quickly.


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