Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting your flu-shot and the election and long lines

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Yesterday I went to the health fair at Stanford. The first thing I saw was an incredibly long line of people waiting to get their annual flu-shots. I am against flu-shots because they contain Thimerosal. Seeing the queu snake out the front of Tresidder, I couldn't help myself thinking about the negative effects of mercury and my own past experiences with mercury (Thimerosal is half organic mercury). I guess the people queuing-up, like lambs going to the slaughter house, don't know that mercury compromises the immune system. I still had a good time filling my plastic bag with goodies such as pencils, pens, a toothbrush, a massaging tool, and various other handy little gadgets. It was like going trick-or-treating. We got chocolates and candy, too. Why would they do that at a health fair, give out sweets? They cause obesity.

Later yesterday, I went to vote. When I got there, I encountered an incredibly long line of people waiting to vote. I waited an hour before I could do my duty. Several voting machines were down. I finally got to vote, but the touchscreen voting machine ran out of paper receipts. So, I had to vote once more. Not to worry, my vote was not recorded twice. What a rich reward it is, seeing the election results today .


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