Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mercury really is dangerous

I just found out how Thimerosal, I mean Merthiolate, or do I mean Mercurochrome disappeared from drug store shelves.

No, nobody actually told me. I just have this hunch.

Somebody decided that mercury actually is poisonous. Funny thing Merthiolate used to be kind of a cure-all for little scrapes and superficial infections. My husband, bless his soul, thought that dousing the scrape with it, would make it feel much better. He poured it over the back of his whole hand after he had fallen off a ladder. It made the hand feel better alright. It kept a possible infection at bay. It was just marvellous how it looked pink and cured the pain very quickly. Psychologically it gave the sense of having done all you could to help the healing process. Oh, I forgot, I am slightly off the subject. But before I go on, I want to tell you that ethyl mercury applied topically kills the pain by destroying your nerve endings. Hmm! No wonder it kills pain.

Getting back to the subject. I meant to talk about how this miracle cure was taken off the shelves. Oh, yeah, this is why. The wonderful Merthiolate was once used in hospital nurseries.

Professor Boyd Haley stated that in 1977 10 of 13 infants treated ... by topical application of Thimerosal [Merthiolate] for umbilical cord infections died of mercury toxicity. This same topical was used on adolescents without obvious ill effects which strongly supports the concept that infants are very susceptible to Thimerosal toxicity.

Would we not have heard about that in the news media? No, too hot a topical, or did I mean topic? In order not to alarm the population, the maker of Merthiolate took the substance of the market. Guess why we didn't read anything about that in the newspapers. I venture to say, it was hidden from the consumer in order not to alert us, and to keep legal consequences from hitting the manufacturer of Merthiolate. I guess it was out-of-sight out-of-mind in the same way as calomel (a teething powder containing mercury that in the 1940s caused pink disease, also know as acrodynia) was taken off the market. For some children it was fatal, some wound up retarded. Oh, I know we didn't hear about that in the news, either. I don't wonder why? Do you still wonder why?


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