Sunday, April 06, 2008

A blooming cascade of roses

Beauty comes and goes. My rose trellis spanning the gate appears like a wave over the fence. It's the nature of spring that allows this magnificent spectacle.

The yellow flowers are going to be gone shortly and the whole gate will have to come down. The fence got damaged during the winter storm, and the whole structure will have to be rebuilt. I'll take a picture to keep that memory.

The forget-me-nots and the blue hyacinths and the sour grass are the treasures that wealth cannot buy. They grow there wild. Yes, give me grass with weeds any day. The imperfections of nature are more joy than any money can buy.

I cleaned up around the house; I guess it's called spring cleaning. Some of the cobwebs must stay, though. The spiders must live. I am looking forward to rid myself of a number of tangled cobwebs of the mind. Cobwebs made by ghost spiders are expendable.


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