Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have two tulips in my garden

The tulips are what is left of my efforts 15 years ago to make something out of my otherwise wild garden, and I have to reiterate it's beautiful to all the living things around. I hear woodpeckers in the morning indicating that there is life in that telephone pole. I see squirrels, black ones--they are descendants of the ones Leland Stanford Jr. imported from Europe over a hundred years ago. My garden is left to itself much of the time. There are so many more birds than 15 years ago. They all can find food there. The hummingbirds can still find nectar in the red fuchsias that are seeming to bloom year-round. They even try to suck from the red camellias. No offense to the owner of that plastic lawn down the street. But what worms can live there under that fake green carpet? What chemicals are evaporating from it? The birds are going to avoid that place very soon.

My thoughts go to the shooter in Germany. When will that nonsense end. What caused him to shoot? Was it his plastic garden or was it his psychiatric treatment with chemicals he didn't need? I keep coming back to mercury.


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