Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas?

The question pertains to the news of so much greed and so much deception in the world. Looking back, I cannot remember a time when it became so obvious that American culture has lost its way. Someone comes dressed as Santa Claus and spreads ill will. That is what our world has come to. Maybe things like this happened before. They probably did. We just didn't know about it.

What makes our lives so toxic that we can't expect goodness coming from our fellow man? Even our highest government figures have lost their way. When President Bush says he understands, it is obvious that he doesn't. He has no clue what it is like for a person not to know where the next meal is coming from. When the Vice President admits that he approved torture, it shows his blatant denial of civility.

But what's worse is the acquiescence of the population. How can we stand by and not object. They say it starts with me the citizen. But where can I get a handle when I have a hard time with the supposedly simple request of getting a written diagnosis for my son who cannot speak for himself? When those who cannot speak have lost the chance for help by those who can and who should help and who are willing, where can a person turn.

I am looking for answers, and even my best attempt falls on deaf ears. Can someone tell me where to go to get heard? Risk management is afraid when someone actually finds them. They are so afraid that they think they need to move because my husband has located their offices. That's a sad state of affairs. That means to me that they are not doing their job. That tells me that they usually do not help solve problems but only add. They are in an avoidance mode. Is that what this country has come to? Risk assessment? And if the risk is not great enough then it's only money. What a shame. Please, lets have good will! The German way of saying it would be: Friede auf Erden allen Menschen, die guten Willens sind! That means: Peace on Earth to All Men of Good Will. At least that's what the translation should be.


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