Friday, September 10, 2010

Searching for answers

For several years now I have been wrestling with the futility of conveying what I know about just that one toxin: Mercury. I feel I have the duty to inform about how insidious the toxicity of mercury is. I used to feel an urgency to point out how mercury doesn't let you know that you might be affected until sometimes weeks after you have been exposed. At that point it will be too late for any blood tests because the mercury will have done its damage in the brain or it will have destroyed portions of your kidneys or other organs. Mercury is like that. It does not give you the common signs of toxicity. It takes its time.

When I talk about what I know, the common reaction I get from friends and strangers alike is that of disbelief. The eyes glaze over, and I know what they are thinking. It's written right there in their body language and it says: "She can't possibly know what she is saying. She is not a doctor."

I am searching for answers. How can I convey my knowledge? And I am not even a crusader. I have merely found out about something that should be of great importance to others.


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