Monday, June 02, 2014

Is it mental or is it toxic?

I have researched much about the effects of toxic substances and side effects of medicines. I have researched how vitamins work and what happens when the human body experiences deficiencies. In today's world of plastics and GMOs as well as pharmaceuticals and oral as well as injectable substances, one has to be really alert and think of how these things interact with one another.

It is known that certain medicines are supposed to relieve depression. Some are for mental purposes; some others are for physical wellbeing. If it weren't for all the research I have done, it would never have occurred to me to question the role psychiatry plays to confuse the issue. Here is my question? How can any psychiatrist be certain that the psychosis he diagnoses is really something mental rather than the physical effect of too little vitamin B1 or too much mercury or other toxic substance?

Vitamin B1 deficiency causes Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. It's hallmark is confabulation, i.e. this person makes up stuff. That is the same syndrome that also shows up in a chronic alcoholic. It's known that a person drinking alcohol habitually develops vitamin B1 deficiency. But does the good doctor also know that vitamin B1 deficiency can be caused by mercury poisoning? Most likely not. Here's how mercury effects your vitamin B1 level.

When a person is mercury toxic, the mercury denatures pretty much all substances that contain a sulfur component Vitamin B1 is Thiamine. The "Thi-" part signifies sulfur. Now there are a gazillion sulfur components in the human body and when there is a lot of mercury, it denatures those sulfur components. It loads them up with mercury. As long as mercury is hitching a ride, an otherwise beneficial enzyme or vitamin or food is floating around in the blood acting toxic and is unnaturally occupying the tasks of the liver and later the kidney. The toxic person will act strange mentally. because synapses are being destroyed.

The question of toxicity never comes up because as I said earlier already mercury seems to be exempt. To make a long story short, toxicity is ignored in favor of psychosis. But who can ever prove a doctor wrong?


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