Sunday, July 20, 2014

Unavoidably Unsafe?

I can't get the Supreme Court ruling out of my head that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. It's so strange, that vague term that something is unsafe, and it's even stranger that, a priori, everything vaccines stand for is unavoidably unsafe. I understand that a vaccine can cause illness because vaccines are supposed to give you a slight touch of something for which you are supposed to muster an immune response. That statement of a vaccine being unavoidably unsafe really only relates to that one factor. That's the only thing that's unavoidable. Vaccines were never meant to be unsafe in any other aspect.

The Supreme Court should have at least explained that factor because now with this really overly broad interpretation the whole process, all parts of a vaccine and even preservatives and antibiotics are included that really have no business being called unavoidably unsafe.

Let me put it this way, vaccines are unavoidably unsafe no matter what is put in them or whatever is left out of them. Since they are unsafe, they cannot be assailed. They are just so wonderfully unavoidably unsafe. How convenient for the drug manufacturers, and how careless of the Supreme Court to paint with such a broad brush.


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