Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thimerosal as a preservative

Town Musician

Ever since I have started researching the subject of mercury, I have been amazed about the denial that many scientists engage in when mercury is being discussed. Mercury has been a poison since prehistoric times. Granted, for the longest time mercury has been considered a medicine but so has arsenic. For some reason nobody doubts the toxicity of arsenic, but there seems to be this now-you-see-it,-now-you-don't quality about mercury toxicity. If the pharmaceutical companies were to add an arsenic component to vaccines, there would be an immediate outcry. Not only is mercury (Thimerosal) a poison, it is also a really bad choice as a vaccine preservative because it causes the immune system to weaken and, according to my sources, is a substance that doesn't necessarily kill the harmful organisms it is supposed eliminate.


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