Saturday, May 17, 2008

The health professional, or the illness police

It seems to be hard for the average Joe to get the concept of whose responsibility it is to provide health, and who needs to pay for it so that our society is healthy and remains that way.

That got me to thinking about how law enforcement gets its funding from taxes. Nobody seems to have any problem with that. Crime fighters fight crime. So, what if we all thought of medical professionals as health enforcement. Medical personnel would be looked at as a group of people that keeps illness at bay just like police keeps crime from happening to us (of course they have to be competent, crime police as well as the health police). If we all thought in those terms, maybe it wouldn't be as difficult to convince people that we need a government single payer health plan. There will still be people who would say "why should I pay for your pain and suffering." But isn't that the same as saying "why should I pay for murders in Oakland, or closer to home, the investigation of theft of my neighbors laptop?"

Illness is not voluntary, and it has societal components. Think about it!

The beauty of my proposal would also be that "single payer" would all of a sudden be a "law and order" problem and not one that one of those damn liberals thought up.


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