Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am pro war

Yes, I am pro war. I am pro war on illness. In a previous blog I had thought of maybe calling doctors the illness police so that the American people believed in paying taxes for wellness. The idea behind it was the greater willingness of taxpayers to foot the bill. But taxes for a police force might not bring in enough revenue; apparently the police is often self-supporting by receiving money through ticketing motorists, and confiscating drug money and other assets.

Instead there never seems to be a shortage of people who are willing to support taxes for war, i.e. the military. The beauty of naming health care the war on illness would be that we already have a war on drugs. The war on drugs could simply be reorganized and incorporated into a new agency called the illness administration. The surgeon general would be the highest ranking soldier. The doctors would be officers ranked according to academic status, such as how many papers they have written that satisfy the criterion of a pro-health agenda, or how many lives they have saved. Nurses and lab technicians could be the specialists of their various units.

As far as the war on drugs is concerned, medication and recreational drugs would be treated the same. All drugs that are now considered illegal would have to go through a testing procedure with the various stages similar to tests that are done on pharmaceuticals. There would be comparisons to currently legally available drugs. The testing would ferret out whether legal or illegal drugs are indeed as good or as bad as they are purported to be. All drugs would be eliminated if they prove to be more harmful than previously thought.

The beauty of the war on illness would be the improvement in health among the population. The money would come from the military budget, and the budget for homeland security, and voila we could eliminate the country's health care problems, and it would satisfy the needs of the population to call something a war.

Does it have to come to that?


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