Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Strange signs of global warming

I won't have any loquats this year. The reason is that my tree bloomed last November, i.e. before winter had even started. Then we got frost. All the loquat blossoms, if you want to call them that, died one night. My micro-climate in Los Altos is such that I get about at least two months of night-frosts every year. That means scraping windshields and throwing warm water on the car nearly every morning during January and February and sometimes March. No wonder that those trees get deranged.

What's more when we have frost it doesn't rain. That's because the weather gets really cold only during sparklingly clear starry nights. Global warming means no clouds. That's the paradox. We have cold weather because of global warming. Cold weather and no rain are the signs. It is clearly happening even though it leaves us confused.

Then the apricots start blooming, also way too early, and what do you know the bees are still hibernating. They live in a different micro-climate. They have to travel a few miles. I am lucky to see enough bees reach my yard to pollinate those flowers. Nature has become confused. Global warming is real.

Think Earth, think butterflies and bees and the survival of the trees!


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