Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Media Only Spout Convenient News

It occurred to me watching CNN that when they latch onto a subject they have a really hard time letting go. Once it's in their news it is being milked and milked until not one more drop will come from it. It happened with the Malaysian airliner. It happened with the Ukrainian air disaster. It happened with Ferguson. CNN sends all their reporters there, and then they keep the story running until it has become so old that one can cut it because it has become cheese. It's interesting how only those simple "airline falls from sky" and "police did another bad thing" stories get the 24/7 attention. But where is the media attention when a scientist admits to malfeasance having to do with vaccines and autism. The media are almost completely silent. The only thing "Time" reported was that the study that exposed this malfeasance was yanked because it was not good for the general public to know that maybe there was a reason to believe that vaccines could cause autism.

This story should have been a big story, and CNN should have exposed the whole business of how Andrew Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine, and his job and his country. But wait that couldn't be done. CNN can't spend a minute of its time on that because they already used it up by letting Anderson Cooper spout rudeness upon rudeness against a man who has more integrity than Anderson Cooper will ever have.


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