Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Town Musician

Christmas is supposed to be a peaceful quiet time. I have been making music to gain inner strength. It does it every time. I can shut out the word with my tunes. I need it. It gives me time to build up my strength for an unwieldy world. My naive world, the one I had expected when I was a child, is long gone. With music I can bring it back. No wonder the church of the middle ages forbade music in the churches. Music holds more power than any person can. It can shut out the world, and for a while at least bring perfect harmony.

I found my peace today at, among all places, a butcher shop. I went to Dittmers to buy some German items I couldn't find at other grocery stores. It was very crowded. There were so many people there--about 20--in front of me. I watched them and I thought that everyone looked and acted at peace. It was like home. I waited my turn and watched people buy their turkeys and their Christmas geese. I bought baking powder and yeast and hot-dogs. But people were anticipating a wonderful time.


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