Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two main events

Today they discussed Benazir Bhutto and the tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. Two events worlds apart, both fatal were discussed with the same passion and intensity. Bhutto is dead and the world is the worse for wear. The tiger Tatiana killed one young man and then was killed herself. The tiger did what tigers do. The tiger killed on instinct. Policemen do what policemen do. Do they also kill on instinct? What about Benazir Bhutto's killer, did he do it on instinct? Or did he have to be drugged before he sacrificed one of the great women of the world and himself and scores of others in his suicidal rage? Is it in all of us to follow blindly some outrageous order that lacks the sense that nature has given only in self-defense? I always thought that man had reason. Is the human intellect really more than mere instinct? The instinct for killing in the predator is for gain where the hunted at least serves as prey. What has nature come to when the killing doesn't serve as gain to the killer. It's a sick world that we are inheriting where the assassin does not even reap the rewards. How low have we sunk?


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