Sunday, February 17, 2008

We learn to wonder

Happiness is conversion. Let's not forget the happy tune or the book written with joy. I venture to say that reading a book, singing a song, or hearing the waves of the ancient sea, leads the body's chemistry away from the nagging doubts life inserts like a nasty wind. The sailor goes out to sea in the face of a brewing storm with a sea chanty on his mind. I listen to "Partons, la mer est belle," and I know out there is a world full of promise in spite of tragedy. Let's make more happy music; let's read more joy into our lives. Let's take the harmonica, the fiddle, or the recorder along, or remember the song whenever sadness takes a hold and sing it out loud if necessary. With music or a good book, a friend -- chosen with care to keep the spirits in check -- is always by our side and keeps us company. Let's not make bad music, though. Know the difference!


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