Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red in the morning

The sun was red last week. The sailor knows that's a warning sign. Take heed! Danger ahead! A brewing storm! But this sun was not red from a brewing storm, it was the result of smoke coming from fires all over California. So where's the danger? Of course the danger stems from the fires. But that's not all. I noticed it was also a little cooler. It was as if the sun had a veil. It kept its face from us and left us without the clear blue sky.

The smoke from the fire also withheld the beneficial UVB rays that are needed for Vitamin D production. A wind was blowing past my ears that said: Take time to look at nature. Get out of your box! Meet the sun when you can! She gives you and me a free dose of life. She is your friend. That friend is a glistening white.

Red in the morning sailor take warning! The red was so beautiful, and yet it was such an ominous sign. It might have fooled me.


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