Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain's me-too thing

With McCain choosing a celebrity, Sarah Palin, it becomes increasingly obvious that he is chasing Obama's shadow. What do we have here with McCain. Is he engaging in old fashioned dialectic or is he just chasing something elusive like a rainbow that dissolves every time he nearly reaches it.

I know the republican party has its talking points. But this presidential candidate seemed to be turning around everything that comes in his way to make it seem like something favorable before he has actually thought about it carefully. First he says Obama is a celebrity and then he chooses a celebrity as a VP candidate. He complains that Obama goes to Europe to gain experience and then he sends his wife Cindy to Georgia--no not in the US. Was that mission designed to get her to gain experience for him? Or did he really want to check out the Vogue cover in person without Cindy's interference.

One more. Why is McCain going to the gulf coast? Isn't that the President's job? Why get himself into harms way if he really thinks that people might be harmed down there? Or is he a risk taker as becomes obvious looking at his biography, or is that really merely grandstanding and getting in the way in a potentially dangerous situation? That kind of President we don't need.


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