Sunday, May 03, 2009

The gift of gab and truth

Does the gift of gab guarantee us the presumption of truth? I am always so amazed when people from the media talk a blue streak. They are so eloquent. How do they do that? Everything they say is polished. It is like slick ice, so cold and frankly so transparently truth-less. But who knows the facts anymore? As long as it sounds good, it must have been said by an intelligent person. Who really cares whether that bird over there was a blue bird or a blue jay? They are both blue. So when you see a flax flower, it doesn't mean it's a forget-me-not even though both flowers are blue. California Lilac is blue and it isn't a lilac at all. The facts are not all I am talking about.

Telling the truth is a gift. It is just not appreciated as much as gab is. You have to know enough to know gab is not the truth. Also, it is much harder to cobble together a coherent sentence and tell the truth at the same time.

I wished the truth were always connected to the gift of gab.

In that context Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome comes to mind. It's a strange condition that is marked by confabulation:

This syndrome is a result of Vitamin B1 deficiency or Beriberi.


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