Monday, June 15, 2015

Where has science gone?

Science is inquiry. It's always searching for the truth. Pure science is a quest for the as yet unknown. I suppose science has led us to where we are now, and science drove the information age. The discoveries that have followed science are undeniable.

Something has gone wrong in the last 50 years however, it seems. Science has left its pedestal and morphed into a creature of its own making. It' has gone astray, and it has become a lost entity. Looking for true science has become increasingly a matter of shaking the tree of knowledge to see if some science will fall out. The disappointing fact is the harder you shake the tree the more difficult it becomes to shake real science free. Where has it gone.

Don't get me wrong, there are scientist out there, and they are in a sincere quest to find a path that has not yet been explored. But it's driven by greed. Nowadays  science is exclusively used to make money, and that quest for money has put up a barrier to finding the face of real science. Pure science cannot be found when money drives its path.

There is a strong belief that what is know is clear and that there is no need to shake out the "known facts." The commonly known fact need to be examined and reexamined, even to the point that those facts are not facts any longer.

It is essential that scientists continue to shake that tree of knowledge and find where science has gone. Because if a scientist does not do it who will?


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