Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Town Musician

I sent all my cards with Christmas wishes. Again, as usual, they were sent out too late to arrive on time for Christmas. Maybe that's why I didn't get any cards for Christmas from anyone. They all did as I did. It's alright. Christmas cards are meant to be greetings felt in the heart. And why should they arrive before Christmas if the Good News of Christmas does not happen before Christmas. Live the spirit of Christmas! It's within you. It isn't a reflection of how you chose your greetings. I hope next Christmas will find me more focused.

I played my music already. I played from a little book I received from my recorder teacher when I was in 3rd grade. She would be so surprised to know that I play the notes with both my clarinet and the old recorder now. I have moved up. I did become a musician, and I enjoy it, in spite of her who gave up on me and said I was never going to be a musician. Thanks Helga Witte! I proved you wrong.


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