Thursday, January 25, 2007

Which one is more important?

Town Musician

When I drove to work in my carpool this morning, I listened to the radio. They were talking about Karl Rove, Scooter Libby and our Vice President. As I heard all about lying and who did what and all that, I was wondering aloud what all this is going to do to our kids and future generations. I thought listening to all the lies and deception that goes on in high places in government, would cause the children to not only become cynical but also possibly not obey the law. At least some of them might think if Scooter or Cheney or Rove did it, it must be acceptable.

The person sitting next to me responded by saying: "Those kids don't listen to the radio. They don't care about any of that." Now, when I was not yet in school, I knew about Hitler, and he, too, lied to the German people, and I knew that from the radio; that was the "Voice of America" at the time. I thought Americans were better people then we were. Having lived in this country now for over forty years, I am wondering if I was wrong about the American people; or was I just naive? That brings me back to my title question: What is worse, knowing that our leaders have lied to us or knowing that our children don't care whether they lied to us?


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