Saturday, December 30, 2006

Only one more day of the '06

Town Musician

I am glad when the '06 is gone. Today the weather was good. I still found it slightly irritating that I didn't get all the trash of the old year out into the street for the large waste pickup. At least we got rid of something. Now that Hussain is gone we are supposed to breathe easier. I understand no one will claim his body. He has no family in Iraq. It still disturbs me that such a wretched person gets so much attention. To think that he gets more attention than some poor dead soldier in Iraq is obscene. Why should there be any publicity for him. It will only provoke more bloodshed. I am against the death penalty. To kill him took only a second. A just punishment would have been to put him in a cell and have him not be able to read nor write nor receive any visitors. So what about Bush. How many men are on his conscience? Will anyone investigate his recklessness? Next year will be '07. Will we be at sevens just as we were at sixes?


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