Saturday, April 28, 2007

A habitat for living jewels

I like my garden. My garden is full of weeds. When they get too big, I mow them. That's all I do. It is a haven for bugs and ants and spiders. I have earth worms and other vermin. I like it that way. My garden is green and I get an occasional butterfly to visit, and the hummingbirds have enough brush to build their nests. I don't use any pesticides and I let the snails live. Fortunately my neighbor directly next door also does not use chemicals in her yard. I wished everyone were as considerate as she is. If we all used poisonous chemicals in the garden, the flying emerald birds and the fluttering amber and topaz butterflies would soon be gone. Their habitat is shrinking. Birds need to eat insects and worms. They need thickets for protection. They don't need a monoculture. They certainly don't need Roundup and they need more people respecting how nature chooses what things grow in the garden. All nature needs is water and a bit of sunshine. Let's keep it that way.


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