Sunday, April 08, 2007

A fence in common

Tomorrow my neighbor and I are getting a new fence. I find the concept of a fence interesting in that it divides and at the same joins neighbors in the same objective -- that of defining our spaces. Robert Frost said good fences make good neighbors. So, I am not the first one to say there is beauty in the clarification of boundaries. For me, however, it is more than that. My neighbor creates pottery, and she is most likely going to use her new fence as an art space. And that is exactly what I am planning to do. I am looking forward to covering the newly built fence with old rusty garden tools and concrete and outdoor art.

The fence is going to be my new gallery space. The roses and clematis shall be in the foreground, but on the planks of new yellow wood I see the orange rust of ancient sheep shears, rakes and shovels and I see the gray concrete fish relief and the abstract wall hanging complementing one another. The fence brings neighbors together and it will be a joy to behold.


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