Saturday, April 21, 2007

I don't get it, that business about the right to bear arms without a licence

Virginia Tech experienced a terrible tragedy. And now there is a big push to find the shooter's motives. Has it occurred to anyone that there may not be a motive? The shooter was obviously deranged. The shooter was also apparently a man with a very vivid inner dialog. But motive? Motive has to do with logical thought processes. His yen for theatrics, as could be read in his two short plays, implies that he wanted an audience. He couldn't get that in life; so he sought it in death.

Here is what I don't get. There is a presumption that thinking is always logical. The shooter had a logic that was not of this world. The flaw in his thinking was that it would make a difference to him to kill. His logic failed him there. He could not be present to see all the media attention. But if we all think back, doesn't our logic fail us ever so often?

Many Americans still adhere to the very antiquated notion that a person should never be prevented from owning a gun even though we all know by now that a person's mental age often does not meet his real age. I know this. I have a non-speaking 35-year old son. He does not talk at all. If he were able to walk, he could go into a bar and buy a beer. He could vote and he could buy a gun. If he could hold a gun, he could pull the trigger. I wouldn't want him to do that. I don't believe in guns and murder and war. But I don't get it that the majority of the American public thinks that anyone who is of age is also responsible. There is a lapse in logic to find it legal for all to bear arms.

This young man was thought by many to be autistic. His family in Korea thought he might be. When he came came to America they thought he might be. Frankly, when I first heard about him, I thought that he was mercury poisoned. Look at my website (It can be found on the side of this blog). I have tried to raise awareness about mercury poisoning for a number of years now. For some reason people often look at me with a blank stare when I raise the subject, and when I talk about it too much they roll their eyes and think, not that again.

It takes a little extra effort to know what mercury poisoning looks like. I can only tell you that it makes a person into a very strange being. It is not fast, and it is not obvious, just as it is not obvious why Cho killed at the moment he did.


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