Saturday, April 14, 2007

Taxing Time

The certainty of taxes is again upon us. I suppose we'll manage the taxes. It is amazing how easily we pay those taxes, and hardly an evil word comes out anymore. People are resigned to paying when the time comes. What I don't understand is the resistance some people show when it comes to paying their health tax, insurance, that is.

There are people who think health insurance is only for those who didn't pray enough to ward off illness. Some think those people allowed illness to invade them because they had sinned -- you know the sins of the fathers and mothers as in genetic illnesses. Do we know what those sins were that made their offspring less healthy? Maybe they didn't sin at all. Health is bestowed partly by the luck of the draw and partly by environment. We all share in it, and we all benefit from the health of our neighbors. So let's start thinking about health insurance as a charity for the greater good of all. It's a no-fault good deed. What's more it makes those we help more productive and happier and a lot more desirable.


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