Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let me tell you a story

If I told you the whole story, you probably would not believe it. You would say: Oh sure. You would think everything I say is over the top. I agree. It all is over the top, and it is all true. The only thing that makes it so hard for anyone to accept is the fact that today's mindset is geared to the myth that everything works out. I have a son named Erik. He has had a life of illnesses and pain. He has had to undergo countless operations on his head, on his abdomen, on his legs. He is mentally handicapped, and because his osteoporosis caused his legs to break, he now is in a wheelchair. His osteoporosis is caused by a vitamin D deficiency. In his case it is not the type of vitamin D you get from the sun. In his case it is the hormone the kidney makes from the vitamin D from the sun. Erik has renal rickets. He cannot make the hormone vitamin D. He has had other problems with his kidneys, one of them being hydronephrosis. In 1979 a doctor first mentioned that Erik's bones looked as if he had renal rickets. I researched the subject at the time and noticed that calcitriol might help. The doctors felt sorry for me and prescribed it for Erik once. After one month of use the doctors thought Erik shouldn't have any more. They took it away form him even though his condition improved. That was in 1979.

Since then Erik has gone from bad to worse. He has had broken legs, arms, ribs, and I don't know what else. It took a number of infections and the threat of his leg being amputated. It forced me to threaten and cajole. That's how unreasonable I am. Erik was almost fired by his doctor even though he can't talk. Finally, Erik is receiving the vitamin D hormone he needs. He has not had a broken bone for about a year. There is much more to this story. More later.


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