Thursday, July 19, 2007

Looking for the music

I am looking for music. I haven't played my clarinet for several weeks because I have a sore thumb. The Norwegians aren't dancing this month, either, and the regular Balkan session is not happening because of Patrick's sore throat. Strange thing, music needs company. I always thought making music alone was enough. Now I know that is not so. Music demands interaction. It can't be alone.

But I must keep looking out there, looking for the music. And even if its just the sound of the finches in the brush or the hummingbird hovering over the beam of water looking for diamonds in the dispersing water droplets, there must be a concert somewhere. The rustling of the wind in the leaves is the harmony to the flute in my mind. And I keep looking for the Western Bluebird I saw through the window at the Credit Union. I am wondering what his sound would have been.


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