Friday, June 29, 2007

Two things heaven sent

Last night Bill, David and I played Norwegian music and the dancers performed at a home for the elderly. Bill plays the accordeon, David plays the bass, and I play the recorder. We are town musicians. The lobby of the rest home was filled with mostly elderly women and fewer men full of anticipation. We all wore our folk costumes and the music and dances were traditional Norwegian dances. The audience was transformed into an audience of turn-of-the-century and old Norway. It was magic for them, and it was magic for us--our music heaven-sent. When the performance was over we were asked to play a Swedish hambo as an encore. There were little old ladies in wheel-chairs and elderly men nodding off. But they all clapped when it was over. My music makes me happy, and it made them happy. You can't hear us on the radio or down-load us. We are live musicians.


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