Monday, June 11, 2007

I can't get over the fact

It just occurred to me that I am really quite attached to the facts. They give me security. They give me a sense of belonging. The facts are a solid kind of a barrier. They keep me in and they cuddle my sensibilities. Now, I haven't said anything about the nature of the facts I can't get over, and why I would even want to get over at least one of them. Facts are like stone. They change only slowly and they leave a trace of truth. Oh yes, I am talking about something sort of commonplace. I am talking about Vitamin D and a study that has recently been done indicating that Vitamin D is not just for bones any longer. Low and behold Vitamin D affects all the cells in the body, and it checks them for viability. So, when the cell is not viable any longer, Vitamin D causes it to commit suicide. That's called apoptosis (cell death). Vitamin D is helpful in keeping cancer in check weeding out the abnormal cells. The researchers found out that Vitamin D prevents breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis and more. Vitamin D is the new wonder drug, and it's free. The sun is still free. Should I even try to get over those facts. Why would I want to? I like it where I am. And where I am is right in front of those facts. Or are the facts in front of me?


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