Saturday, July 07, 2007

Birds at the beach

Stefan and I went to see Erik in Capitola. Before we visited the house where he lives with his caregivers, we spent some time at Mr. Toots. Mr. Toots is located right next to Margaritaville at the beach, except that Mr. Toots is upstairs. I had the soup of the day, and Stefan had a bagel and a coffee. Mr. Toots has a very small observation deck from where we watched the seagulls and other birds and the beach life below. The river is dammed in and forms a lake before it washes through a small drain into the ocean. Stefan fed the gulls while I watched them catch the bread in flight. Other birds tried to follow their example. There were pigeons and swallows swooping across the water. The pigeons were clearly trying to flock with the gulls. No dice though, the pigeons could not land in the water. Another strange bird was pretending to join the water birds. It was a kite-bird. It had the appearance of an eagle, I guess a tribute to Independence Day; it was made of what seemed to be paper. The young men held it on a string and tried to run with it to get it airborne. As much as they tried they couldn't make it fly. So here we had seagulls on the water, a pigeon (peace?) flying high, and a paper eagle tethered, a metaphor for this July 4, 2007?

Erik had a buzz hair-cut. He was so happy to see Stefan. He didn't hesitate and gave us a big smile when we entered his room. His vitamin D metabolite/hormone seems to make him better. Then, today I read that maybe Vitamin D deficiency in the mother causes autism. Erik probably has had Vitamin D deficiency since before he was born. His was most likely caused by having had a kidney problem for all that time. That's my idea. I am waiting for the doctors to confirm that.


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