Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can't believe that I could be so right

Last week my son John found out that the level of mercury in his blood was much too high. He had taken a challenge test just to be sure that he hadn't left any stone unturned in his quest to find out about his painful hip. I suggested that he undergo the test, and what do you know the results showed a high reading. I am not a psychic. I know something about what toxicity is. That's why I suggested the test. How could I be so right?

Today Zach got the results for his most recent blood test. I had suggested to him to find out about his vitamin D level, and what do you know his level was quite a bit too low, even though he had been eating two pills of 1000 micro grams every day. Is it just me. No, really, I am not psychic. I just put two and two together.

A while back, though, when I suggested to a doctor that Erik had rickets as I looked at the x-rays that had been put up in front of a light box for all of us to see, the doctor said flat out "no". But Erik did have rickets. It was dicovered seven years too late. He now spends his time in a wheel chair because he has contractures and about fifteen broken bones in all areas of his skeleton. How could I be so right? I am not a psychic. I just read according to my interests, and again I am not a psychic. I just pay attention to what I see and hear. If all you (doctors?) read a little more and didn't think so much about real estate that you seem to know better than your profession, you could have a leg up on me. I wouldn't mind to, at least once in a while, see that leg up. Is that too much to ask at the prices you charge?

I find it very discouraging to see so few legs up. Physicians of the world start having you legs up! I am waiting for the necessary trust to put in you.


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