Friday, August 03, 2007

I started again with the music

Wednesday was wonderful. Most of the dancers were back from their vacations and we played all the dances that we knew would get the spirits up. It worked. Every so often I thought about all those who had never danced, and I felt sorry for them. Yes, they are a sorry lot, those who have never danced.

But now to something completely different. Since I had been told that I shouldn't take off my shoes and socks while people took a break while attending summer events -- they attempted to look so professionally picturesque -- I have taken to sitting in front of the bookstore on a bench by "the claw" sunning myself, instead. The law school quad is deserted most of the time. And the event participants think the law school quad is there for them only.

The fountain is a more public space, and the many spectators taking pictures of their children make this vantage point a much more interesting one than the benches in front of the hostile Calder "faucon." I wished they had a wading pool in front of the law school for children and deck chairs for their parents and me. I am not sunning myself to annoy people. I am sunning myself to keep cancer and multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis away. I am only using up twenty minutes of sun and would only be wearing out twenty minutes worth of bench or deck chair paint. And again I feel so sorry for those who do not know the meditative moments my mid-day rest brings.


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