Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rabbits feet and shooting stars

I am not sure how to put it. In spite of their popularity, they don't work. They do not deserve their reputation. Why I know that? I have never needed a shooting star more than in the last few days to do my bidding. It didn't come through, though. What do you do when all the real effort and all the hard work and all the goodness in your heart do not change things and the shooting stars have no power. Prayer? I tried that, too. The simple fact is you can't control certain people's set ways. One of the big problems is that I didn't not come equipped with the wisdom of manipulation. As a matter of fact I detest any kind of manipulation. My brother sometimes said that we were taught to be too nice and too ethical and too fair. We are passionately striving to be righteous. Maybe that's where the fault lies.

It all has to do with health care. I would like to see the medical profession stop micro-managing our health. Where is the kindly family physician who did house-calls? Where is the healer who knows all the organ systems in the human body instead of only one. An orthopedic surgeon told me not all that long ago that he only worked on bones. A urologist recently told me that he doesn't know what the kidneys do. I didn't really believe him. But I know that he was not going to admit that the kidney was part of the urinary tract. He was not going to be pinned down.

I made a doctor's appointment the other day. I requested my primary care physician. When I said what was wrong with me, I was told I should go see an Ob/Gyn doctor. Why? I don't know. If I had to see a specialist, I would have preferred seeing an orthopedic surgeon because he knows more about my aching wrists. It must have been that they wanted me to get a mammogram because they have the equipment, and the equipment needs to be kept busy at all times. The Ob/Gyn I went to grudgingly prescribed a bone density test. That sounds close to being in the direction of my complaints. Maybe I am getting somewhere after all.

Speaking of rabbits. I sometimes have the strange feeling that I have followed the rabbit into its hole and that I am still hanging onto that rabbit's foot for dear life. The four shooting stars I saw? They are awfully pretty. But do they help? I don't believe they do.


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