Monday, September 24, 2007

Mercury, kidney damage, and broken bones

Mercury, even in minimal quantities, causes kidney damage over time. So, what kind of kidney damage may be expected?

The type of damage that occurs affects the tubules in the kidney that are involved in the hydroxylation of 25-OH vitamin D, i.e. the making of its metabolite, the hormone 1,25-OH vitamin D, as well as EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone used by the body to make red blood cells. A person with chronic mercury poisoning is thus likely to also have osteomalacia or if that person is a child rickets.

Knowing that doesn't help Erik. I am afraid he is permanently damaged. But if this bit of information is disseminated, it might wake up some interest. Vitamin D is best obtained from the sun. Second best is cod liver oil, and third Vitamin D3. Anyone out there, please pass it on. This is vital information.


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