Monday, November 26, 2007

And now it is fall again

This year the squirrels did not partake in the abundance of persimmons on the tree in the front yard. It is almost December and the fruit are hanging there pretending to be Christmas tree decorations. The orange leaves are nearly gone, but all the trees with yellow leaves have not yet shed their dresses. I am wondering about the nude state. Will the coming season of undress also disclose what I have not been able to figure out in the summer with all its glorious perfusion of colors? Once the leaves are gone the branches, the structures of the trees and bushes can be clearly discerned. I need to see more clearly why there is no clarity. Things can be brought into focus when the veil of foliage is stripped from the earlier summer thoughts. It's a puzzle why there are no answers where all the brighter trees have already been denuded. Clarity does not come unless the wind blows the leaves and shows the bare branches. Bring me the bare branches any time. They show what's truly underneath.


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