Friday, July 25, 2008

No more opinion puppetry

I have been thinking about the media and their propensity to shape opinions. We watch TV shows that purport to bring the news. But instead they bring us opinions that were carefully crafted to reflect the view point of those people who pay the opinion makers' salaries.

Do "we the people" really want to give importance to a talk-show host who either has studied his lines to please the boss (speak big pharma or a political action committee) or has an opinion that has been carefully shaped prior to presentation to serve a political purpose? We are all Americans. Do we have to be told when something is preferable or reprehensible even though we don't believe it is?

The flood of opinions that is being washed over us doesn't make us any cleaner. Instead we feel raped. The news hangs on us like a parasite that won't let go, like a brainwash that leaves us dirtier than we were before.

The media ought to be ashamed of themselves. They have become the puppets of a very few masters. America, stop and think, find your own opinion and don't let the dictatorship of the media lull you into thinking that you are informed! Information comes from many sides. It must be weighed. Sadly information is not completely free of propaganda anymore. It has been taken over by subjectivity. Right now it comes at a price. Let's free it again! Let's take back our own opinions again!


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