Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thinking in the box?

Town Musician

I just thought about this. Whoever invented the term "to think out of the box," must not have been thinking very clearly; they must have been, sort of, still in the box. There is no doubt in my mind that all real "thinking" is always "out of the box." Anyone ruminating "in the box" is not really thinking at all but merely rehashing old ideas. The term is mainly used to put a different spin on what used to be a simple memory game.

To think is to have wings, to soar over boundaries of any imaginary confinements. The term "in the box" is a sad reflection of our current state of affairs. How else could Erik's doctors have missed the fact for so long that the edges along the bone plates covering the brain are the growth areas for the skull, just as the epiphyses are the growth plates for the long bones. Erik has osteomalacia (to all those who need to know that is the same as Vitamin D deficiency). He probably had it since just after he was born. It never occurred to the doctors to look for a reason. Now it turns out that craniosynostosis occurs in rickets and osteomalacia.

Did they overlook this important fact because they thought that there was actually thinking going on "in the box?" My musings are a bit cryptic. I can't help that because to tell the whole story would take too long.


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