Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Recalibrating the mindset

Town Musician

I already mentioned that there is only one way to think, and that way is "out of the box." But what about the mindset. Where can it be reset? To reset it we have to find out where the mindset is located and where it sits down and stagnates. Let's suppose it sits down in the box and bounces off its walls and doesn't even imagine the outside of the box. That must be it. But knowing that thinking only happens out of the box makes it necessary for the mindset to bounce of the walls so vigorously that the walls break down and the box gets obliterated. The mindset then sticks its head out and smells fresh air, and flies free.

Well, I am joking a little bit, but not all that much. I have been thinking about the mindset a lot lately. The mindset is a tricky little devil. It puts you into a mental prison and only lets you out when a really overwhelming experience necessitates a change. But finding that experience without the pain that it aches to break out, is very hard. It takes energy. Yes, that's what it takes. But freeing your mindset makes you truly free.


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