Sunday, May 13, 2007

We are getting new windows for our house

What's the significance? I'll be better able to see. My house will have windows to see the world a little clearer. Could it be that I haven't seen what everyone else sees so clearly? Is it possible that I am wrong about so many things because my windows have the layers of time etched into them and are giving me less clarity? I don't have those windows yet. So, I can act confused for a another five or six weeks. After that it will be the time of reckoning. That's when my windows arrive. It strikes me as odd that I am even thinking those thoughts. I have known since my first Latin lessons that "I know that I know nothing". And yet I have to examine my intellect ever so often to see if it is still there. My new windows will surely help me.

I'll get fourteen windows. I'll be sharper fourteen windows worth. So, learned me will find out more than I am asking for. All I am asking for is clarity, or better clarification.


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