Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reading gives me peace

I have asked myself why I love reading non-fiction. I think it gives me peace. The written word in non-fiction is as if cast in concrete. It has no option but to remain the same. After reading words, I can agree with them or disagree. If I disagree, the words are still the same. If I agree, they are the same. They do not care what I think. If I agree, they give me the comfort of knowing that I have learned something. If I disagree, I can think up ways in which I can improve upon what I have read. I can also be critical of them and reject them. That gives me the power, similar to the power I get form pruning branches from a tree, to master my thoughts. Since it is my own private matter when I reject what someone has written, I do not bother anyone. I just think about it, and then I forget about it.

I wished it were that easy with talk, specifically the give and take of conversation. I can reject what someone says, but it is hard to be outright critical because most people don't have the attention span it takes to really dope out logic. Now, I am not always logical. So, I wished people would spend some time talking about what I say. But, in this day in age, life is too short for most to talk about what they perceive are trivialities. So, instead we keep talking at one another tangentially forever.

A written piece of non-fiction has much more patience. That's why I like to read. I still like to talk, but it is not as satisfying in the long run.


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