Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My state of mind

Most of the time I am at ease. If it were not for the types of misunderstanding that drift into my life, I would have no complaints. So, what makes the little increment of difference that turns the other person into a supporter or someone who regards you with suspicion? I can't say that I know even though, at times, I glimpse the little flinch in someones smile or the little hesitation in speech, and in that thousandth of a second the mind reacts positively or indifferently or with caution.

I was suspicious of Bush's twinkling eyes. He lost those as soon as he became President. It must have been really hard for him to act so out of character during his election campaign. Now you only see his disdain for all of us. I am uncomfortable just seeing him on TV. So, I can see the smirk in others. I would be delighted to see myself as others see me. But there is nobody to reflect my outer being into my own eyes. I have to trust my instincts that my serenity shows itself so my inner self is revealed.


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