Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thimerosal as a preservative

It's a fact. They are using mercury as a preservative in vaccines. Not to be facetious, but is it not amazing that there is no attempt to find an alternative to this utterly toxic material that is not even such a great preservative? Who knows what the metabolic product of such a preservative is? It's not thought to be dangerous by the powers-that-be. Alright then why would anyone think it's the best preservative to use? It seems utterly ridiculous to say there is no room for improvement. All other adjuvants and ingredients are constantly improved in all consumer products for the sake profit-making.

Right now I would like to put forth one thought. How would it be if manufacturers of perishable foods were to mix Thimerosal into foods, e.g. bread and liverwurst and egg-salad? It should not worry anyone. It's not too dangerous to inject into babies, so it must be alright for us to eat. Or is it? Would anyone volunteer to eat Thimerosal preserved tomato soup?