Monday, April 28, 2014

The "Exempt Poison"

Mercury has been a subject of interest since pre-historic times. It's a funny material. Kids love it. When they get a hold of it, they roll it around in their itty-bitty hands and they find it so appealing. Yes, and it's a metal and a liquid at the same time.

It poisoned one of my childhood friends. My friend played with some that had shown up on the wood flooring after the fever thermometer broke. He had picked it up and put it on a hot plate in the kitchen where he watched it disappear into thin air. One moment it's a little silver bead, the next it's invisible. He inhaled that thin air and somehow my friend wasn't the same afterwards.

That's how it is with mercury. It's a metal that evaporates. It leaves toxicity behind that nobody really takes time to think about. Mercury is just too much fun. Even Freud made its toxicity into something new. If you check into that man's patients you'll find that they had all been in contact with mercury before they became psychos.

Reading stories about its toxicity disperse from the mind is like water rolling off a duck's back. It just so intriguing. My experience has been that people roll their eyes when I mention the word mercury in the context of illness. There she goes again. Can't she just for once stop talking about mercury. My next door neighbor said she used to have a little hand-held toy with mercury beads under glass. You can't buy that toy any longer. Some people declare it's a poison.

But judging by the general consensus, the poison is "exempt." Mercury is injected into infants with impunity. Vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe," not because of mercury. They are unsafe just because... They also don't use mercury in felt making any longer. They also don't use teething powder any more. Shshsh..., it caused acrodynia aka Pink Disease. They don't use Merthiolate any longer. Shshsh... It killed some newborn infants. Oh wait wasn't the name changed into Thimerosal the stuff they put in vaccines. But luckily Thimerosal is safe to inject. It's name change worked wonders.

Dentists with some notable exceptions still insert "silver fillings" into dental cavities, and they think it's inert material. For some reason I keep remembering what my chemistry teacher in my German high school said. He said that the leather hat band inside a felt hat was a protective barrier so that the skin on the forehead wouldn't absorb the mercury the felt contained. Of course that hasn't been true for a long time.

It's so strange that there are all these environmental poisons and mercury is not being taken seriously. So how can we doubt that mercury is safe when it is theoretically toxic and in practice treated like an unreal smoke and mirrors poison that we don't have to worry about. Oh, I forgot, it's mercury, it's nothing. It just goes up into thin air. You really might not want to eat the fish in San Francisco Bay. But it's so good for you. So what if it contains a little bit of - mercury.

Meanwhile we don't know where all the autism comes from and why a sad figure like Adam Lanza appears and the world is so disjointed. We don't test to see where the anger and the depression comes from and we don't even suspect that the one substance that can cause these acts might be mercury, the "exempt poison." Have we all lost our minds that much?